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Ekokotu Emmanuella is a sociologist, model, and content writer.
Dog Sleep

Does Your Dog Sleep Too Much

It's a normal part of a dog's life to sleep at night, and many canines like to get a shut eye during the day as well. While we have been able to accept that...
Mother Cat

Post-natal Care for Mother Cat and Kittens

Has your cat given birth to a cute litter of kittens? The feeling a pet owner gets when this happens could be either excitement or indifference. Either way, what is most important at this...
cat Bathroom

Reasons Why Your Cat Loves the Bathroom

If you own a cat or you've been around cats, it probably will not be any surprise to you that cats love bathrooms. Does your cat have the habit of following you into the...
American Quarter Horse

The American Quarter Horse

Anyone in the mood of a horse ride? It's fun to sit on the back of a horse and enjoy a good horse ride and what would be more interesting is knowing what kind...

Keeping an Iguana as Pet

Iguanas are one of the most famous specie of lizards to have ever been domesticated as pets. There's a myriad of online sources of information for available to current iguana owners and potential owners....

Low-maintenance Pet Birds for Busy People

We love four legged pets but we also know that two legged pets are the easiest to care for. And though we know there's no such thing as a maintenance free pet we are...
cancer dogs

9 Way to Deal With Cancer in Your Dogs

Dogs may be very intelligent and active animals, but they are also vulnerable to a couple of illnesses. Until recently, I was unaware that dogs couple battle cancer but when I met a family...
Seizure in Dogs

Seizure in Dogs: Types and Symptoms

A seizure is among the most common neurological disorders dogs have to deal with. A seizure occurs when the cerebral cortex which is a part of the brain begins to function abnormally. There are...

Why Two Dogs Are Better Than One?

Are you looking to add some more love to your home? Getting a pet is the easiest way to make that dream a reality especially if you decide to get a dog. Canines can...
Ginger Cats

6 Cat Behavior Problems and Solutions

Just like humans, cats experience a variety of emotions including fear, anxiety, hunger, pleasure and many others. Some common behaviours our felines might exhibit may be seen as a problem both for them and...